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Bug in Shopware Paypal plugin

Published: 21. March, 2023

Bug in Shopware Paypal plugin

Solved: The problem was solved quickly by Shopware with version 6.0.2.

There is a bug in the current version (6.0 bzw. 6.0.1) of the Paypal plugin that prevents custom CSS code from the theme configuration from being included and some background images from being displayed.

The bug is already covered in the following issue:

Update 1:34 PM:

It looks like a typo in the meta.html.twig of the Paypal plugin ( is responsible for this.

Instead of {% extends '@Storefront/storefront/layout/meta.html.twig' %} it should be {% sw_extends '@Storefront/storefront/layout/meta.html.twig' %}.

We have informed Shopware about the problem and Shopware is taking care of it.

Update 03/22/2023 11:23 AM

With version 6.0.2 of the Paypal plugin Shopware has fixed the problem with the meta.html.twig. We can confirm that custom CSS code is possible again.