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First steps with ThemeWare®

The following steps have proven to be the "best practice" to get started with more than 15,000. So you have a relaxed start in ThemeWare® and can quickly take advantage of the countless benefits.

  1. Choose the right theme

    All themes are based on the same core. The great variety results entirely from the almost limitless customisation options, professional graphics and included shopping experiences.

    Just choose the ThemeWare® variant that fits best. You can configure everything else yourself.

  2. Test ThemeWare®

    Try ThemeWare® with all its features free of charge and start configuring your ThemeWare® theme right away.

    All theme settings are kept when you switch to a ThemeWare® purchase or rental licence.

  3. Download the ThemeWare® Utilities

    Our popular ThemeWare® Utilities include all theme graphics in PSD format, a professional shopping experience with storytelling elements, 3 online courses (SEO & Pagespeed, Increase conversion rates, Graphic design) and a small gift for you.

    Request ThemeWare® Utilities for free

  4. Watch the ThemeWare® Video Tutorial

    Now watch the first videos. Depending on your level of knowledge, you will find the videos and instructions that suit you.

    Open the first video tutorial