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Branding Removal

You want to remove the ThemeWare® Branding from the footer ("Theme by ThemeWare®") in your shop? No problem, just fill out the form below.

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Why is there a theme-by notice (branding) in the footer?

The reason for the theme branding, as also described in the Shopware store description, is to ensure the permanent future and further development of ThemeWare®. Only if ThemeWare® spreads sufficiently can we as a company devote ourselves 100% to permanent further development. This idea had come true. This is confirmed by our market leadership since 2017, over 6000 installations, over 300 real 5-star ratings and our more than 550 agency partners who trust in ThemeWare®.

Remove theme branding and do something good together

The theme branding can be removed for a one-time compensation fee. In this way you make your contribution to the constant further development of ThemeWare® instead of spreading it. As a thank you, we want to give something back to this world, together with you. That's why we donate a portion of this compensation fee to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving our rainforests! If you are interested, you can contact us as quickly as possible using the form here!