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Shopware 6.5 release candidate

Published: 15. March, 2023

Shopware 6.5 release candidate

The next major release Shopware 6.5 is on its way. Shopware has published a release candidate (RC), allowing developers to test the pre-release version and give us feedback

Note: For more information on the Shopware 6.5 Release Candidate (RC), see Shopware's blog post.

Due to the extensive changes in Shopware 6.5, we assume that there will be at least a second RC phase.

We are already working on making ThemeWare® compatible. Our future version is already running on Shopware 6.5, but since the changes in the storefront are quite extensive, we are taking some time to check everything thoroughly.

Don't be irritated by "incompatibility notices" from Shopware. The currently available version of ThemeWare® is not compatible with Shopware 6.5 but it will take some time until the final Shopware release and ThemeWare® will be available in a compatible version – as it has been for the last years.

Note: More information about the update will be available soon in the "News and Announcements" area of our Service Portal.