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The new documentation

Published: 31. August, 2022

The new documentation

We have been working intensively on a completely new ThemeWare® documentation over the last few months and are now proud to finally be able to publish it.

The new ThemeWare® documentation for Shopware 6 is essentially based on 3 "pillars":

  1. The Service Portal
  2. The ThemeWare® Knowledge Base
  3. The ThemeWare® Manual

1. The Service Portal

The "Service Portal" is always your starting point for all your ThemeWare® needs. It is your personal dashboard for ThemeWare®.

There you will always find all the relevant links and information about ThemeWare® as well as the "ThemeWare® Video Tutorial", the "ThemeWare® Utilities", the "ThemeWare® Search", the "ThemeWare® Config Finder", forms, useful tools, wizards and much more.

You can access the "Service Portal" at:

2. The ThemeWare® Knowledge Base

In the "ThemeWare® Knowledge Base" you will find the ThemeWare® Introduction, many articles and tutorials, the "ThemeWare® Lexicon", answers to the most frequently asked questions, solutions to the most common issues, professional knowledge for agencies and freelancers and lots of useful information about Shopware 6.

You can access the "ThemeWare® Knowledge Base" at:

3. The ThemeWare® Manual

In the "ThemeWare® Manual" you will find detailed information about all the features and functions of ThemeWare®.

You can access the "ThemeWare® Manual" at:

And even more...

As part of the new Service Portal, we have also re-developed all forms, tools and wizards from scratch. You will also find our new "ThemeWare® Search" right on the home page. With this you can search the Knowledge Base, the Manual and the Theme Configuration all at once.

As part of the new Service Portal, we have also re-developed all forms, tools and wizards from scratch. You will also find our new "ThemeWare® Search" right on the dashboard. With this you can search the "Knowledge Base", the "Manual" and the "Theme Configuration" all at once.

You can also access the "ThemeWare® Search" under:

Field search engine

The field search engine is now called "ThemeWare® Config Finder" so that the name does not conflict with the new "ThemeWare® Search". If you are familiar with the field search engine, you will find your way around the "Config Finder" straight away. We have also added some nice goodies.

You can access the "Config Finder" under:

Knowledge Base

Of course, we have transferred all existing articles to ThemeWare®. In the process, we have also reviewed them and updated them where necessary. In addition, we have split up confusing or very long articles and written a bunch of new articles for you.

One new feature, for example, is the "ThemeWare® Introduction", which will be a detailed and written form of the popular "ThemeWare® Video Tutorial". As we are currently still working on the new "Video Tutorial", the "Introduction" is also still in progress.


The brand new "ThemeWare® Manual" is an addition to our "Knowledge Base" and will in future describe all the features of ThemeWare®. We will now be adding to this piece by piece and thus expanding our huge documentation yet again.

News and announcements

Another important concern for us was to improve the "News" segment. We have some exciting new features for you here too. In future you will find all ThemeWare® news articles on the "News and Announcements" page in the "Service Portal". With the new technical foundation we can now publish articles much more flexibly, quickly and regularly than before.

In addition, you can now find all the changes to all ThemeWare® releases at a glance on the "Changelogs" page.

Moving on...

Of course, a lot has happened in ThemeWare® during this time. We have released many exciting new features and planned or already completed some more for the coming updates.

We are currently working on completing the "Video Tutorial" and "Introduction" and as we always think big and one step ahead of others, we are working in parallel on translating all documentation into English for our international customers.

We have probably forgotten a new feature or improvement in our list, but we are sure that we have been able to make your ThemeWare® experience even better.

Finally, as usual, we wish you good business!

Best regards from the entire ThemeWare® team 💙