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ThemeWare® 1.0

Published: 16. December, 2021

ThemeWare® 1.0

This article tells you all about the most important changes in ThemeWare® 1.0.


You can find all news about ThemeWare® 1.0 in our changelog.


  • USP bar: With ThemeWare 1.0 the snippets for the USP bar have been changed (as already announced)because we are currently working on some exciting new layouts. You can find the affected snippets below:
    • USP1 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.tooltip
    • US2 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.tooltip
    • USP3 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.tooltip
    • USP4 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.tooltip
    • USP5 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.tooltip
    • USP6 (old => new)
      • twt.extension.uspBar.item6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.title
      • twt.extension.uspBar.icon6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.icon
      • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.tooltip
  • Modern Design Update: If you are using ThemeWare® Modern, you will need to check a few configuration fields after the update and adjust them if necessary (see below).

ThemeWare® Modern Design Update

The design update for ThemeWare® Modern is special and at the same time an absolute exception, as we do not normally change configuration values retrospectively with an update. In this case, it is absolutely sensible and necessary. As part of the design update we have created a new Shopping Experience and changed a few configurations so that the new header is active, for example.

You can decide for yourself whether your shop should look like before the update or whether you want to benefit from the massive improvements of this update.

We explain exactly how this works and what you should bear in mind before updating here.