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ThemeWare® 0.6.0

Published: 13. December, 2021

ThemeWare® 0.6.0

This article tells you all about the most important changes in ThemeWare® 0.6.0.


You can find all news about ThemeWare® 0.6.0 in our changelog.


  1. The USP bar in the header now offers you the option of integrating the "Communities" widget or the "Top bar".
    • For this purpose, we have added a configuration for the width of the "USP bar" in the header. Please check this configuration and adapt it if necessary.![](<.gitbook/assets/changelog--usp-bar-in-header (1).png>)
  2. A feature request regarding more layout variants for the tables on the product page was implemented.
    • For this purpose, the configuration for the price and properties table on the product page has been extended so that you can define the compactness ("Style") and width separately. Please check the new configuration and adapt it to your wishes if necessary.![](<.gitbook/assets/changelog--tables-on-detail-page (1).png>)
  3. The positioning for the "Floating widget" has been improved. Please check your configuration if necessary.
  4. Since some configuration fields can no longer be saved "empty", there is now a dropdown for the CSS and JS files to toggle the loading of these files. The default value is "no".
    • If you load a CSS/JS file via the configuration, please check the new configuration and activate the loading of the file(s).
  5. As the number of template files has increased considerably with the last updates, we have moved and renamed some Twig files for a better structure and clarity.
    • If you have made individual template adjustments, please check your adjustments if necessary.
    • The files in the following folders are affected:
      • storefront/themeware/extensions
      • storefront/themeware/product-detail


With ThemeWare 1.0 the snippets of the "USP bar" will change because we are currently working on some exciting new layouts. You can already prepare yourself for this and fill the new snippets appropriately:

  • USP1 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip1 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp1.tooltip
  • USP2 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip2 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp2.tooltip
  • USP3 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip3 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp3.tooltip
  • USP4 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip4 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp4.tooltip
  • USP5 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip5 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp5.tooltip
  • USP6 (old => new)
    • twt.extension.uspBar.item6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.title
    • twt.extension.uspBar.icon6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.icon
    • twt.extension.uspBar.tooltip6 => twt.extension.uspBar.usp6.tooltip