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ThemeWare® 1.1.5

Published: 05. October, 2022

ThemeWare® 1.1.5

With the release of ThemeWare® 1.1.5 we are adopting a change from today's release of Shopware

With version a security gap of the threat level "medium" was closed by Shopware (Security update 10/2022).

The following adjustments have been adopted in ThemeWare® 1.1.5: These changes only affect the Pro Edition and there only the presentation of the social icons.

Since the necessary adjustments are not backwards compatible, we recommend updating to the current version

  • Assign the Shopware default theme to your Sales Channel.
  • Deactivate ThemeWare.
  • Update Shopware to version
  • Update ThemeWare® to version 1.1.5
  • Now activate ThemeWare® again.
  • Assign ThemeWare® to your Sales Channel again.

Further notes

In addition, three improvements have been made with ThemeWare® 1.1.5 which may also affect your shop:

  • The "Manufacturer" tab is now deactivated by default. Please reactivate it if necessary.
  • The tab "Product videos" is now deactivated by default. Please activate it again if necessary.
  • Twig blocks in template files for tabs on the product page have been renamed. Please check your template adjustments.